Where can I buy Chigarid?

Chigarid can be purchased one of two ways. Direct from us by clicking on the product shown above or emailing us with your order information at info@chigarid.com as well as purchasing from one of the stores listed below.

Customers may find Chigarid at these stores near you:
Longs Drugs
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What is a Chigger?

The Great American Tormenting Chigger is a type of mite which is VERY tiny and red and requires a magnifying glass to spot. Their size is roughly around 1/20th of an inch and may be seen moving slowly about on the soil even on warm winter days. Chiggers aren’t insects – they are part of the same family as spiders, scorpions, and ticks (arachnids, Scrub Itch Mite). Chiggers can be found in your own yard as well as all over the world, including on land, in the water, and on many creatures – even other bugs! Egg laying commences when the soil surface temperatures are regularly above 60ºF, and “chigger season” is soon underway. Once chiggers hatch from their eggs, they climb up onto grass blades, twigs, or other objects from which they can more readily snag a passing host.


Chiggers use tiny claws to attach them tightly onto people and animals then make an opening into the skin, usually at the base of a hair follicle or skin pore. They then inject their saliva (which contains chemicals that keep blood from clotting and breaks down cell walls) into the skin so that they can feed on the juices inside the skin cells. Having a chigger do this is very irritating to your skin! After a few days, the chigger will be done feeding and fall off a person’s skin, leaving behind a red welt where it had once been.


What a Chigger Bite Looks and Feels Like?

When a person gets bitten by a chigger, the bite will be very itchy. On most people, a chigger bite will cause a tiny red bump called a wheal (scrub-itch), which will only get bigger and itchier as time goes on, and may fill with fluid.


How Do I Provide Personal Protection Against Chiggers?

Whenever possible, try to avoid areas of tall grass or weeds where little sunlight penetrates the soil. Such areas harbor the most chiggers. You can also avoid sitting or lying in such areas or in shaded areas even with short grass or thatch.


Chigger larvae can penetrate through many types of clothing; but high boots and trousers of tightly woven fabric, tucked into the socks or boots, help deter them. Repellents applied to shoes, stockings and pant cuffs deter both chiggers and ticks. If you’re going into taller vegetation, also apply repellent to waist, zippered or button fly, collar and cuffs. The best chigger repellents contain either deet or permethrin. Apply deet-based repellents heavily enough to dampen but not to saturate the clothing.



How Do I Reduce The Number of Chiggers In My Yard?

Reducing chigger population depends on keeping lawns well manicured especially in sunny areas. Chemical acaricides are usually effective if properly applied.

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Chigarid Provides Instant Relief From:

  • Insect Bites
  • Mosquitos
  • Chiggers
  • Fire Ants
  • Burns
  • Scrapes
  • Cuts
  • Stings



Instant relief from pain & itching
Easy one touch application
Use for all types of insect bites
Safe for children (Ammonia free)